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January Snow

Little video from he recent snow in Hampton Roads.


NASA Shoot

Love NASA Langley! There is so much history there. Here is a close up of the mighty trestle that they drop aircraft and spaceships (and who knows what else!) from, it was an amazing shoot, and I hope to go back in the spring!

Aerial at CW

Working on the Over Doc for WHRO. The staff at Colonial Williamsburg has been amazing!

First 360 image

Just did my first 360 image using the drone. Came out OK. Need to do more photoshop work. I wanted to see the thing in VR, so I didn’t spend a lot of time cleaning up my seams. Click the image to check it out!


Waiting on the bench

The shadows play upon the paving stones as the hot afternoon breeze blows the branches of the poplar tree, making her away back and forth like a weathered grandma in her kitchen.  The birds chirp and call and the hiss of the leaves get lost in the roar of the gust as it swells. I sit upon the bench, letting the shadows play on my form like children on a playground, and my mind and thoughts turn to you. Continue reading

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